Everyone knows that keeping little ones warm, happy and comfortable is most important and there’s an old saying that quality isn’t expensiveit’s priceless.

That’s why at Chelsea Bee, we choose to only use Pure New Zealand Merino Wool to produce our designer infant sleeping bags, infant/children’s clothing and sleepwear range. So you can have peace of mind that your little one will not only look stylish and cute, but never overheat or get chilly.

We’re a family owned business based in West Auckland, New Zealand with a love of durable & easy-care clothing for our children, so you can be assured that a lot of careful thought went into creating our range of merino childrenswear for you.

Pure New Zealand Merino Wool Benefits

If you were to design the most perfect material known to man, what properties would you give it?

Softness – for a newborn’s soft, sensitive skin.

Breathability – so that skin can breathe without getting sweaty and keeps the body cool in warmer temperatures.

Lightweight – so there’s no need for too many bulky layers.

Incredibly warm for those cooler nights.

Easy care & durable – for regular washing and everyday wear and tear.

Fire resistant for peace of mind.

Healthy & natural with the added bonus of being a sustainable, eco-friendly resource.

Retains shape with no colour fading A lasting material, that always looks it’s best.

Wouldn’t this be the most magical material known?

Amazingly enough, ALL these qualities are already to be found in the wonderful New Zealand Merino Wool.

Why would you use anything else for your children?

Merino Care & Benefits

Merino garments are designed to be easy care. Merino is naturally stain & odour resistant, so it is not necessary to wash after every wear, unless your little ones has an obvious spill or smear (And let’s face it, toddlers can get messy). A simple airing of the garment should suffice between a wear or two.
After the first 2-3 wears, we recommend you wash the garment separately to remove the short fibres that can cause pilling.

As with all wool garments, the best way to maintain their lifespan is to hand wash using a mild wool detergent. However, we understand that life gets very busy, especially with little ones in tow, so machine washing is absolutely acceptable, although it is necessary to use a mild wool detergent.

For the best results, please ensure you follow the instructions below:

  • Use warm or cool machine wash on a normal cycle or a wool cycle if you have it. max 30oC
  • Use a mild WOOL detergent
  • Wash like colors together (e.g. separate lights and darks)
  • Close all zippers
  • Line dry garments – DO NOT tumble dry.
  • Washing occasionally with denim (e.g. jeans with the zipper closed) or other coarse fabrics will help to remove any loose fibers i.e. pilling
  • Do not iron prints or labels
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener under any circumstances
  • Do not soak your garment